5 points storesTo satisfy any taste, check out one of the many eating establishments, each located just a stone’s throw from the center of town, a point, by the way, where three streets creating five points do indeed meet at the intersection. Check these fine establishments out, for instance: The Derby House, Wendy’s, Wasabi Asian Buffet, the Whalebone Grill, and, of course, Five Points Café. You’ll be amazed at the choices available in these and in many of our other restaurants!

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The Wall Street Deli and Lounge
ph 904-355-6969

Georgie's Derby House
ph 904-356-0227
Hours Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 2:00

Cozy Tea

Latitude Cafe

Midnight Sun


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This list made not be accurate since some restaurants have closed. We have removed the links also.


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featuring highlights of our historic Five Points area in picturesque Jacksonville, Florida.  Five Points is nestled in a little corner of the Riverside area, an older, character-filled section of Jacksonville.  The vintage flavor of the Five Points area attracts many unique restaurants and shops where you’ll enjoy afternoons perusing the variety offered by our local merchants and proprietors.  In truth, Five Points, in our quaint “Main Street” look and feel, reflects some of the rich history of our area.

Quotes from Visitors

"Five Points was one of my favorite places while visiting Jacksonville. The small boutiques were charming and the urban atmosphere was unlike the rest of Jacksonville." -Review from

"A very interesting neighborhood for people watching, Five Points draws extravagantly pierced punks and goths, geek chic local artists, self-proclaimed vampires, guitar-toting next-generation hippies and other free spirits that together bring as much color as the brightly painted brick walls, sidewalks and storefronts that define the neighborhood."